Lime light defender from France

Football is the game of millions. Everyone in the world is looking for something special and something new to be recon in the world where everyone wants to be a different identity. Same is the case with sports and particularly in the football as well. Footballers do so wonderful things their skills and their selfless efforts to make the game more glamorous and worth seeing. There are so many players in the world who are doing their best to come on the lime light and earn the money one can dream of only. So football is really a wonderful way to earn the legitimate money.

The legends are those who really look for the glory and make things so high standard and to certain level that most of the people cannot reach there at all. William Gallas is same sort of story which really taken the footballing world by storm and put his imprints in fact permanent foot prints on the football that every defender tries to match him but it is a very difficult ask to do and o on so forth. The level Gallas played were unmatched and unprecedented. The best position he played for any team was center half and he was used on both left and right flanges as well when it mattered or coach needed to strengthen the side. On some occasions he was also used as holing midfielder as well which means he was a utility player who could play anywhere in the game of football.

His ability to score goals and take free kicks was so good and so unmatched that you never wanted to keep him on bench for longer time even if he was not playing. It was time at Chelsea and Arsenal that he was a fear factor for the teams which visited during his stay at these clubs. Strikers used to sit on bench to avoid Gallas as they had that in mind that they could get injured by the motivated man who is standing between them and goal posts. He was an Afro-European who was a born and bred in France and had the blood of a sportsman in his veins as well he carried the burden and took the sports to next level.

France has won so many games with clean sheets when Gallas was in the team and he teamed up with so many other defenders like Evra and Abidal as well which really made the formidable team for all strikers in the world to beat as well. He was sort of a warrior and was same in off the pitch as well. He has sort of volatile personality and he was a full hearted man who could do anything and everything to get the ball tackled and so on so forth. So in my opinion he was the best at his position he played for team at the time when was on the pitch. He was a fashionable guy who could do wonderful things with football.

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