Evolving world beating defender

The defender who let his football talking in his entire career and made some remarkable winning streaks with the teams he was contracted with. He was an amazing athlete who reached the highest level and maintained his fitness and remained at that level for 19 long years. The biggest thing in the game of William Gallas was, his ability to remain fit for long spells and still tackle like a bull and get hurt in the way as well. He was a back defense warrior who led his teams to glories and won many trophies where ever he went. He was kind a defender who let his skills and football talking for him and made some great efforts to make his name in the art he was prefect in.

This is the world which is very dramatic and very unforgiving. If you don’t maintain the standards at highest level then you are drown in the deep see of unknowns. Same was the feeling of this man who really wanted to remain in the lime light when he was playing football for country of the club level. I saw him for the first time in 2001 when he came to England for Chelsea. He was sharp and energetic young man who was raging to go and accept new and hard challenges of the English Premier League. No body new that a 6 million pond buy can be a heroic signing when it came for the making of a player. Later he proved that he was destine to be a legend and a name to recon in the footballing history of France and the clubs he played for in the later stages of his career.

When I talked to him in training grounds I just came to know he was certainly not aloof but was a very conscious man who wanted to have some god opportunities to show his god gifted skills and talent to the world of football and was willing to have some real go on the strikers of opponent teams. But from all talks and his intermingling with the colleagues was fantastic and zealots. It was unbelievable the character he was showing but still no body know what is inside of this man. With all that he was not the ideal communicator with the press and the people off the pitch. He admitted that too in his rare interview as well. After five years of silence excellent and winning two titles with Chelsea. After moving to Arsenal he was such a defender who could score as well and could be used as holding midfielder which gave extra edges to the teams who were having him to play for. This made extra ordinary value of the player and was recognized one of the finest in the game at that level and at that time when he was playing for Arsenal. The coaches at Arsenal had great trust in him as a player and have a sort of chemistry that was developed between them.

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