Great man to man marker

William Gallas is a name of quality and resilience in the game of football. Every fan in the world knows that you are looking at an icon who served the game as no one ever done before. The French defender who defended French post for over 10 years and done extremely good when it comes to the fact that people know much about the midfielders and strikers more than a defender. But the fullback has the charisma and the power of mesmerizing the fans all over the world by keeping the strikers at bay and defended very well behind all the players and had very good coordination with the keepers all of the teams he played for.

That means he was an excellent tough character who really played the highest level game and played really well to make some real impacts on the teams who were playing against him. He was a very expensive player and many teams even have big purse to spend money could not afford him to buy for the clubs. He was his will master and joined only those clubs he wished to join in his entire career. He was a lover of the game and wanted to play the game for the betterment of the game and wanted to improve his own game while playing with other great names. He was the member of golden generation of French football and had great names around him as well to serve the game and all these people combined together made a formidable team and a team to beat for many years to come.

He always gets the top level fitness whenever he was injured and came back strongly and has a great time. Every injury made him stronger player and he has doubled the impact always and made some remarkable and memorable results out of nothing at all. This is the quality of a top professional which he was and he shown his ability to prove if several time in his long career. He was a player who was a wonderful performer at the bigger stage. He was uncatchable in crunch games and always delivered when he was posted to play against some difficult players like Ronaldo at United etc. At games there have always been a healthcare provider with ACLS certification. ACLS online certification is not just for healthcare providers. ACLS online recertification has made a large amount of progress in the recent years.

I am witness of a match between Arsenals and Man United and he was man of the match against Ronaldo, Nani and so many other players in start studded Man United. Whole of Man United team couldn’t beat him at all and he was marvelous at that day and was absolutely freak and untouchable. That day I just saw another side of this man. An arrogant and very hardworking and helping the midfield as well and was helping in counterattack so very much. He was a perfect man to man marker and was excellent in marking the players who so ever he was. He made so many saves and made so many strikers useless no matter what reputation they had and what team they were playing for.

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A conquering footballer

William Gallas was the name of success and surety for the defending to core of heart whenever he played. He was a very agile athlete and had given his full to the game and was loyal to the teams he was playing for many years in the past. He was very honest man and was ready to take all type of work and efforts to make a team successful. He was a very colorful man and liked to look different and wear all kind of fashions he thought are good for him. But he is just not only the fashion guy who just does this entire glamor and is soft on the pitch. No he is not that sort of a person. You will feel the heat and get the ride of a person when you are playing against him. He was a strong man physically as well as mentally that is why he lasted 19 years of full hard played football almost all over the world and still was the man needed by the most of the coaches of the world for the entertainment and for the clubs they are coaching.

He has tremendous reflexes and he could do wonder with the decisions and those decisions looked ridiculous at once but at the send instance you wondered and praised the decision once you thought of a lunatic. He had great eye for the younger players as well. He was known as a good scout to assess the talent and was good in introducing them as well. The finest find for the person was Loris as he is captain of the French team now a day. A fine goalkeeper and really a nice person and very good player as well.

Gallas is a person who really scored goals when it came to the need of the team he is playing. He had some downs in the career for example giving the plenty to the Queens Park Ranger and conceiving the goal at that really led the Arsenal to lick their wounds and lost the race of claiming the English Premier Title. He was center of the strike against the national team coach in the world cup and wanted to be the captain after instead of Ever. This was a big down for the talented master of the game who after that never saw thing behind him and got so many victories and trophies in his illustrious carrier and won so many silverware after that.

If we see Gallas as a player, who was a very well built with fast running legs, as he as great brain on his shoulders as for as game of football is concern, he played every game with full of his abilities and gave everything he could to the teams he played for. His honesty and love for the game was never questioned ever and he is recognized one of the glittering star of French Golden Generation of football who rocked the world of football and conquered everything that comes in way.

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Lime light defender from France

Football is the game of millions. Everyone in the world is looking for something special and something new to be recon in the world where everyone wants to be a different identity. Same is the case with sports and particularly in the football as well. Footballers do so wonderful things their skills and their selfless efforts to make the game more glamorous and worth seeing. There are so many players in the world who are doing their best to come on the lime light and earn the money one can dream of only. So football is really a wonderful way to earn the legitimate money.

The legends are those who really look for the glory and make things so high standard and to certain level that most of the people cannot reach there at all. William Gallas is same sort of story which really taken the footballing world by storm and put his imprints in fact permanent foot prints on the football that every defender tries to match him but it is a very difficult ask to do and o on so forth. The level Gallas played were unmatched and unprecedented. The best position he played for any team was center half and he was used on both left and right flanges as well when it mattered or coach needed to strengthen the side. On some occasions he was also used as holing midfielder as well which means he was a utility player who could play anywhere in the game of football.

His ability to score goals and take free kicks was so good and so unmatched that you never wanted to keep him on bench for longer time even if he was not playing. It was time at Chelsea and Arsenal that he was a fear factor for the teams which visited during his stay at these clubs. Strikers used to sit on bench to avoid Gallas as they had that in mind that they could get injured by the motivated man who is standing between them and goal posts. He was an Afro-European who was a born and bred in France and had the blood of a sportsman in his veins as well he carried the burden and took the sports to next level.

France has won so many games with clean sheets when Gallas was in the team and he teamed up with so many other defenders like Evra and Abidal as well which really made the formidable team for all strikers in the world to beat as well. He was sort of a warrior and was same in off the pitch as well. He has sort of volatile personality and he was a full hearted man who could do anything and everything to get the ball tackled and so on so forth. So in my opinion he was the best at his position he played for team at the time when was on the pitch. He was a fashionable guy who could do wonderful things with football.

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Evolving world beating defender

The defender who let his football talking in his entire career and made some remarkable winning streaks with the teams he was contracted with. He was an amazing athlete who reached the highest level and maintained his fitness and remained at that level for 19 long years. The biggest thing in the game of William Gallas was, his ability to remain fit for long spells and still tackle like a bull and get hurt in the way as well. He was a back defense warrior who led his teams to glories and won many trophies where ever he went. He was kind a defender who let his skills and football talking for him and made some great efforts to make his name in the art he was prefect in.

This is the world which is very dramatic and very unforgiving. If you don’t maintain the standards at highest level then you are drown in the deep see of unknowns. Same was the feeling of this man who really wanted to remain in the lime light when he was playing football for country of the club level. I saw him for the first time in 2001 when he came to England for Chelsea. He was sharp and energetic young man who was raging to go and accept new and hard challenges of the English Premier League. No body new that a 6 million pond buy can be a heroic signing when it came for the making of a player. Later he proved that he was destine to be a legend and a name to recon in the footballing history of France and the clubs he played for in the later stages of his career.

When I talked to him in training grounds I just came to know he was certainly not aloof but was a very conscious man who wanted to have some god opportunities to show his god gifted skills and talent to the world of football and was willing to have some real go on the strikers of opponent teams. But from all talks and his intermingling with the colleagues was fantastic and zealots. It was unbelievable the character he was showing but still no body know what is inside of this man. With all that he was not the ideal communicator with the press and the people off the pitch. He admitted that too in his rare interview as well. After five years of silence excellent and winning two titles with Chelsea. After moving to Arsenal he was such a defender who could score as well and could be used as holding midfielder which gave extra edges to the teams who were having him to play for. This made extra ordinary value of the player and was recognized one of the finest in the game at that level and at that time when he was playing for Arsenal. The coaches at Arsenal had great trust in him as a player and have a sort of chemistry that was developed between them.

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A legendary French defender

The William Éric Gallas the icon of the game of love. Football is the game which is the most prolific and watched game on the planet earth. They call it beautiful game and the players who are playing these games are leveled as gods to the people who love this game. The history of the footballers is very vast and rich in appreciation for the people who are doing all that and loving the game. There are many names which are icons and legends that played this game and graced the grounds for so many years and fascinated people all over the world for the skills and drama they had in the game they loved most in the life.

French football is the most important thing in the world of football. France has given so many stars and legends to the game as in the case of William Gallas. He graced the world of football for so many years and one of the legends on country and club level. He was a true hero for the youngsters to follow because he played the game in a way that no one else could ever do.

The player who graced the English game for years has the charisma and the time on his side when he was at the club level with Arsenal, Chelsea and at later stage with Tottenham Hotspur. That means he played for all London based teams which are in the premier league and at the top level of the English Premier League. This record tells you the inside out of the player that how fit and how good he was who played more than ten years in the top flight. It is a great fun to discuss the player like William Gallas who is beam of light for the people years to come.

The central defender was such a character who threw everything he had to the game and kept the great forwards away from the goals. He was the heart of the defense whatever team he played for and did his best to promote the defending art which was sort of forgotten before he started the carrier. He really made the defending an art and really made the game beautiful. Fearless tackles really were horror dreams for the forwards of opposite teams. We know the English Premier League is the fastest league of football on the plant. Not only it is fast but it is very physical as well. So you have to be at the top of your fitness level to play their and still remain beneficial for the team. We all know as the games are so tight and hard for most of the non-English players in England and they need time to settle in and gain some more fitness and strength to get on the pitch. But William Gallas was an exceptional talent with special style of defending the ball and getting the control over the ball easily. There is no doubt he is modern era hero for the people who love this game.

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