A legendary French defender

The William √Čric Gallas the icon of the game of love. Football is the game which is the most prolific and watched game on the planet earth. They call it beautiful game and the players who are playing these games are leveled as gods to the people who love this game. The history of the footballers is very vast and rich in appreciation for the people who are doing all that and loving the game. There are many names which are icons and legends that played this game and graced the grounds for so many years and fascinated people all over the world for the skills and drama they had in the game they loved most in the life.

French football is the most important thing in the world of football. France has given so many stars and legends to the game as in the case of William Gallas. He graced the world of football for so many years and one of the legends on country and club level. He was a true hero for the youngsters to follow because he played the game in a way that no one else could ever do.

The player who graced the English game for years has the charisma and the time on his side when he was at the club level with Arsenal, Chelsea and at later stage with Tottenham Hotspur. That means he played for all London based teams which are in the premier league and at the top level of the English Premier League. This record tells you the inside out of the player that how fit and how good he was who played more than ten years in the top flight. It is a great fun to discuss the player like William Gallas who is beam of light for the people years to come.

The central defender was such a character who threw everything he had to the game and kept the great forwards away from the goals. He was the heart of the defense whatever team he played for and did his best to promote the defending art which was sort of forgotten before he started the carrier. He really made the defending an art and really made the game beautiful. Fearless tackles really were horror dreams for the forwards of opposite teams. We know the English Premier League is the fastest league of football on the plant. Not only it is fast but it is very physical as well. So you have to be at the top of your fitness level to play their and still remain beneficial for the team. We all know as the games are so tight and hard for most of the non-English players in England and they need time to settle in and gain some more fitness and strength to get on the pitch. But William Gallas was an exceptional talent with special style of defending the ball and getting the control over the ball easily. There is no doubt he is modern era hero for the people who love this game.

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