A conquering footballer

William Gallas was the name of success and surety for the defending to core of heart whenever he played. He was a very agile athlete and had given his full to the game and was loyal to the teams he was playing for many years in the past. He was very honest man and was ready to take all type of work and efforts to make a team successful. He was a very colorful man and liked to look different and wear all kind of fashions he thought are good for him. But he is just not only the fashion guy who just does this entire glamor and is soft on the pitch. No he is not that sort of a person. You will feel the heat and get the ride of a person when you are playing against him. He was a strong man physically as well as mentally that is why he lasted 19 years of full hard played football almost all over the world and still was the man needed by the most of the coaches of the world for the entertainment and for the clubs they are coaching.

He has tremendous reflexes and he could do wonder with the decisions and those decisions looked ridiculous at once but at the send instance you wondered and praised the decision once you thought of a lunatic. He had great eye for the younger players as well. He was known as a good scout to assess the talent and was good in introducing them as well. The finest find for the person was Loris as he is captain of the French team now a day. A fine goalkeeper and really a nice person and very good player as well.

Gallas is a person who really scored goals when it came to the need of the team he is playing. He had some downs in the career for example giving the plenty to the Queens Park Ranger and conceiving the goal at that really led the Arsenal to lick their wounds and lost the race of claiming the English Premier Title. He was center of the strike against the national team coach in the world cup and wanted to be the captain after instead of Ever. This was a big down for the talented master of the game who after that never saw thing behind him and got so many victories and trophies in his illustrious carrier and won so many silverware after that.

If we see Gallas as a player, who was a very well built with fast running legs, as he as great brain on his shoulders as for as game of football is concern, he played every game with full of his abilities and gave everything he could to the teams he played for. His honesty and love for the game was never questioned ever and he is recognized one of the glittering star of French Golden Generation of football who rocked the world of football and conquered everything that comes in way.

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